We're the experts for Skid Mounted Meter Stations

Posted By: Gina Tuck - 2/13/2017 12:00:00 AM

A skid mounted meter station should supply the equipment to provide accurate measurement and the structure to support and protect this equipment.  It should be designed to meet or exceed AGA Report Number 3 specifications. 

Pictured is a 2" 600# Schedule 40 Turbine Meter Station installed in a 4' x 8' galvanized meter building on a 4" channel iron galvanized skid with 3/16" galvanized floor plate.

At EMS, our skids are designed with the meter man in mind and customized to your specifications and needs.  Our assembly produced skid mounted meter stations have welded frames and skids, commercial steel doors, positive door latches, step-on door stops, adjustable vents with insect screens, galvanized steel sides and roofs, industrial grade skylights, custom trim and drip guards, windows, working shelves, and meter tube supports. These characteristics make our units a “working tool”.  This “tool” is a solution to your metering applications, not a flimsy unit that becomes a problem in a short time. 

From the major oil/gas and distribution companies to independent operators, Energy Meter Systems is here to meet your Natural Gas Measurement requirements.

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