TM-EMS, LLC Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide our stakeholders (i.e., our customers, associates, and employees) with superior financial value by delivering best-in-class energy services that are safe, efficient, technically advanced and environmentally sound while taking advantage of financially strategic opportunities.

We will deliver this best-in-class performance in a culture that is grounded in the core values of integrity, safety, environmental stewardship, enthusiasm, teamwork, results driven performance, customer focus, respect for everyone and an attitude of doing what is right, every day, one day at a time.


Shared Values

Integrity – We will conduct ourselves with honesty, trustworthiness, and character and will seek to always “Do the right thing by each other every day.”


Safety – We will provide a safe work environment for our employees, customers, and anyone who visits our facility.


Stewardship of the Environment – We will continually strive to be protectors of the environment.


Enthusiasm – We are passionate about our work and we take pride in the services we provide.


Teamwork – We will work with fellow employees, customers, vendors and other service related representatives to achieve a common goal.


Results Driven Performance – We will establish goals and measure performance, learning both from our successes as well as our disappointments, in order to continually improve performance and quality products.


Customer Focus – We will always seek to deliver products, solutions, and services to our customers with a “can do” attitude and strive to meet and exceed their expectations with great detail to quality and the customers’ request.


Respect – We will treat everyone, including our customers, employees and anyone who visits our facilities, with respect and dignity.

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