Pipe Systems Design

To better service customers in the oil and gas industries, at Energy Meter Systems we offer regulatory controls and systems design services. Our experts will conduct a preliminary review of flow conditions and requirements, system pressure ratings and supply, output and control requirements, and overpressure equipment specifications. This includes complete documentation of flow calculations, along with equipment selection criteria, with drawings submitted in paper format or delivered electronically. We offer inspections for increased safety and productivity, thoroughly investigating flow control, regulation, and pressure control systems.

In addition to systems design, we provide complete fabrication and assembly capabilities, handling piping requirements to 24" and pressure ratings to ANSI 2500#, with skid mounting and enclosures. Fabrications meet API testing and specifications, with ASME available. Customers can trust us at EMS with the upgrading or replacement of current equipment and systems including EGM and communications, measurement equipment, and recording devices. We invite customers to optimize their operations utilizing our full line of services including gas quality analysis, on-site startup of regulator systems, measurement system auditing, pulsation testing, chart and EFM auditing, meter calibration, meter tube inspection and cleaning, witnessing, training, and consulting. For more information about our regulatory controls and systems design services, or the other products and services available please see the table below or contact us directly.

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