Meter Tube - Inspection, Cleaning and Repair

In line with the recognized gas and oil measurement solutions available at Energy Meter Systems Inc., we also provide the inspection, cleaning, and repair of meter tubes. We are experienced in cleaning all of the accessories involved in flow metering applications including orifice plates, straightening vanes, and flow conditioners. All of which are furnished with complete documentation including digitized pictures. Our comprehensive inspection services ensure the optimized performance and continued accuracy of meter tube assemblies, integrating a number of processes to certify that tolerances and set specifications are met. This comprehensive service includes investigating the eccentricity of the orifice plate location, scrutinizing the orifice plate and seal ring, measuring tap hole locations, ensuring meter tube design lengths as per AGA specifications, assuring level flange alignment of pipe spools, assessing the performance of straightening vanes and flow conditioners, "mic" meter tubes, along with carrying out roughness testing and surveying of the site for measurement problems.

We are equipped to repair and maintain senior, simplex, and Measuremaster style fittings, as well as plug valves. Recording devices and measurement equipment can also be upgraded or replaced. A number of value added additional services are supplied, including gas quality analysis, installation and startup of regulator settings, pulsation tests, meter calibration, measurement system auditing, training seminars, consulting, and CAD drawings to name a few. To discover the full range of professional services we supply or to learn more about our meter tube cleaning inspection, and repair services please see the table below or contact us directly.

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