Health, Safety, and Environment

TM-EMS, LLC is unequivocally committed to the safety and welfare of our employees, customers, communities and suppliers, and to the protection of the environment. We continue to initiate new safety programs under the umbrella of “DO THE RIGHT THING” DTRT a company-wide ACCIDENT FREE effort to eliminate injuries and incidents everyday one day at a time, “Today”.  We persistently seek new products and processes to shrink our footprint, reduce waste and prevent any environmental discharge. These efforts reflect our commitment to be good stewards of the people and the resources entrusted to our care.


Environmentally Conscious Operations

Effectively managing our resources is a key part of TM-EMS’ HSE strategy. TM-EMS continues to upgrade our equipment and processes with the newest modification being a state of the art paint booth for finishing quality projects safely. TM-EMS also invests in the most modern trucks in the industry with CNG and low-sulfur diesel, significantly improving air quality in areas that require high truck traffic like the oil and gas industry.

Rapid Remediation and Response

TM-EMS promotes and maintains a variety of systems to prevent incidents. In the unfortunate event of an incident, emergency action plans are in place to respond while simultaneously notifying the appropriate agencies as required. Every TM-EMS crew is proactively trained in spill prevention, which includes steps for containing spills if they occur. Regular external audits are conducted to ensure that EMS is in compliance with these and other applicable HSE guidelines.


Personnel Security

TM-EMS is a diverse company operating in many states and within a broad spectrum of oil and gas environments. In every case the safety and security of TM-EMS employees is paramount.  TM-EMS’ safety program includes an Emergency Response Program that addresses all possible adverse influences against the company and its representatives. Categories of guidance are addressed including planning, response, training and audits of all possible emergencies or security threats.  All facilities are provided with security adequate for the situation. If the safety of an employee is in doubt, operations are stopped, the appropriate action plan is implemented, and employees are relocated or redirected to ensure safety at all times.  TM-EMS takes a proactive approach to security in every situation in which we operate. Site-specific training and orientation is provided to employees entering a new operation or site for the first time.



At TM-EMS caring for people and the environment is a core value. This is evident in our DTRT drive to Zero incidents,  a core tenet of which is that every employee at TM-EMS believes that zero incidents is achievable, and we strive to reach this goal daily, one day at a time for 365 days.  TM-EMS’ culture has progressed over the years from managing incidents to preventing them. The focus is on minimizing risky behaviors as exemplified by our Stop Work Authority Program, empowering anyone at any level on any facility or site to stop any action they believe to be unsafe. TM-EMS is committed to integrating best practices developed through years of experience into a single, cohesive plan and message. Safety initiatives like HSE SAFETY ALERTS, THE Safety Observation Card (SOC) program which is a hazard identification and corrective action program are now being shared company-wide through training sessions, videos and posters for all employees. Recognizing employee contributions to safety is a key component of the TM-EMS’ safety strategy. During monthly formal meetings and via email we highlight employee actions that prevent injury to communicate these actions to all employees. The end result of these company actions and initiatives has resulted in a consistent Total Recordable Incident Rate of ZERO.  A continuing rolling 12 month current TRIR of ZERO and a continuing decline in our near miss and first aid incidents as well as a corresponding decline in severity and frequency of these incidents, has been a result.

SafeLandUSA and IADC RigPass® Training Facility

TM-EMS is a fully accredited SafeLandUSA – IADC RigPass® Training Facility.  SafeLandUSA has the purpose of promoting a standardized safety orientation for workers in the US Onshore E & P Industry. 

IADC’s RigPass® program (including SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf endorsements) is an accreditation system delivering a standardized safety orientation program for new employees, preparing the employees for almost any operating environment, at almost any site, onshore or offshore.

Completion of an IADC RigPass or IADC RigPass Course-to-Go accredited program confirms that personnel have met basic requirements defined by safety and training professionals in the drilling industry, irrespective of the rig’s location. These programs also satisfy the SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf requirements.


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